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Public Safety & Human Services

Committee Chair

Public Works & Veterans Services

Committee Vice-Chair

Office of the County Council

County of Kaua`i

Phone: (808) 241-4092

Fax: (808) 241-6349

Cell: (808) 652-4363

I make house calls


I work hard every day to deal with our challenges and to improve our lives. Your families and friends are my highest priority. I show up for you; to listen, learn, and make the right decisions.
The county council, mayor, various departments and agencies all need to work well together to serve the people, and it takes understanding and communication for it to happen.  I make that my full time job.

County Council Office • 4396 Rice Street, Suite 209 • Lihu`e, Kaua`i, Hawai`i 96766

Felicia Cowden Ohana ~ 4191 Kilauea Rd. Kilauea, HI 96754 (808) 652-4363 feliciacowden@gmail.com

 Community Campaign Commitments

Housing for our People

Access to Affordable Housing

for Local Residents

Social Justice

Cultural Perpetuation, Local Business Development,

Veteran Support, Drug Rehabilitation, 

Reduced Incarcerations

Improved Infrastructure

Modernized Roads, Utilities

and Waste Management

Environmental Resilience

Watershed Management fromMauka to Makai, Prepared for Climate Change, Locally Grown Food

Economic Reponsibility

Reduce County Debt and Build Partnerships

2018 Reflection

Chamber of Commerce Interview 2018

Surveys and Articles


"Resilient, Respectful, Resourceful, and Ready."

- Bernie Sakoda seconded by Jean Iida


Aloha Kaua`i Ohana,


We are in a critical period of time when many competing and challenging issues face our island community. My experiences over the past 35 years working with the government in a range of roles from an engineer, to a small business owner, educator, community advocate, non-profit board member and media programmer have given me a broad foundation to understand policy as it affects our people and environment. Nine years as a public affairs/talk show programmer on KKCR has had me fielding community concerns, coupled with my direct participation in the public process to assist in creating solutions. This role has taught me that we need to work to solve problems without having to make anybody wrong.  We all win, when we all win. 


Hawaii has long been in the slow crisis of the global economy pressuring our people out of their homes and off of the islands. We need to out-create this problem. Helping with the recent storm recovery in Wainiha and Ha`ena underscored how competent is our citizenry and where our public policy has weak points, particularly when it intersects with nature. This was my compelling motivation to run a second time for council. With no competing job interest and with my sons now grown into independent young men,  I have the capacity for the full-time commitment the county council deserves to ensure the well-being and health of the peoples and the islands of Kaua`i and Ni'ihau. Thank you for your support of one of your seven votes for Kauai County Council. 


Mahalo ~ Felicia Cowden