Akamai Backyard

Reclaiming Kauai's abundance, one backyard at a time.

Akamai means intelligence and common sense in Hawaiian.

Akamai Backyard demonstrates small-scale permaculture for the backyard-sized garden with edible landscaping, water catchment and renewable energy. We pulled this off in about a year. Whatʻs remarkable about what we did is that we came from a place of no experience or confidence in doing it and had this much success. We hope our story will inspire others to realize it is not that hard to take critical steps toward at least food and medicinal security. This is important for our whole world. Other examples of solution-oriented success are in the films below.

Akamai Backyard Update

Understanding the Problem

Before the Flood - Climate Change

The Story of Stuff - Consumerism

Home - Natural Resource Depletion and Climate Change

A Crude Awakening - Peak Oil

Creating Solutions

Homegrown Revolution - Urban Food Production

The Story of Solutions - Re-thinking Consumerism

Thrive - Beyond Mere Survival

Locavore - Eating Locally Grown Food

The Good Stuff, Episode 7 - Worker-owned Cooperatives

Food, Inc. - Industrial Agriculture

Farmin' in The Hood 2 - Inner City Rejuvenation

Gangsta Gardener in South Central LA - Urban Gardening

Getting Started with Yardening

Have no fear. This can be easy. You can do it.

Baby Steps

Start close to the house with patio pots which are moveable, fairly short lived and inexpensive. Herbs are a good start, can be used in every meal, are good for you, and can be hard to find in the grocery store.

Garden Beds

Place your garden where you will see it and use it every day. It needs to be in the sun and near a water source. Mulch around it so that you will not need to weed. Plant it right so it will FEED YOU, not frustrate you. Make it a joy that nourishes all of you. 

Check out Urban Homestead for another confidence-inspiring example of urban yardening.

Whole Yard

Tree placement and fenceline are best planned wisely. Simple soil knowledge will create almost instant abundance when you invite nature to wisely control your yard. This level of planning is the quickest to food security. Applying these permaculture strategies in a step-by-step fashion will ensure success. Be conscious to leave enough room away from the house to not invite bugs and rodents. 

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