Homeschooling Can Be Joyful

Learn how from our book that is written for the reluctant reader.

Akamai means intelligence and common sense in Hawaiian.

Akamai Learning 2007-2014

Akamai Learning structures Robust Educational Support for Home Schooling Families. This educational strategy is founded on the understanding that schooling in a structured classroom is often too confining for some people. These students are often natural leaders that can sometimes be mistaken for trouble-makers when they are forced to always follow high-structure. Inherent in the program design is a recognition that the studentʻs own passionate interests are the core influences in their education. A vibrant program has the flexibility for the varying needs of different families to foster student-centered learning which honors and includes the family within the context of their community. A goal is to help the student learn with a sense of purpose; crafting an education that inspires them. Most subject material is integrated in project-based learning where there is a strong emphasis on life skills, financial literacy, with civic and cultural understanding. Our theory is that it is easier to learn all skills when the subject material is personally interesting and relevant. Akamai Learning provides a group setting for kids to have both structured and adventure learning with their peers during the normal school hours. We hope some offerings are so vibrant and important that parents will WANT to learn alongside their child. Parents are fully welcome to be a part of the daily experience as we learn from subject experts. This pathway can even just be a year or two break from a tradition structured education helping the student regain inspiration and a sense of freedom. Often this accompanies a life opportunity that would not otherwise be possible with traditional school attendance.

Self-education and Homeschooling Happens in a Variety of Learning Environments 

Group Home School

For four years I had a program at my home called Akamai Learning . I had the time and the money to be able to provide a largely cost-free program, with most parents contributing $1,000/year which contributed to supplies. When the children were all close friends and fit in one vehicle it was easier. A larger group was harder in terms of organization and impact on the house. We had field trips every Friday.

Life is the School, Love is the Lesson overview

Akamai Learning partnered with Waipa Foundation for a middle school learning center in 2013-2014. We had roughly 30 students with committed part-time learning guides to help with nature skills, hunting, fishing, Hawaiian cultural practices, food preservation and other core life skills.


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