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KKCR ~ Kauaʻi Community Radio is Kauaiʻs  independent, non-commercial, listener-supported community radio station. KKCR provides a forum for overlooked, suppressed, or under-represented voices and music. The Kekahu Foundation facilitates this broadcasting opportunity. 

KKCR seeks to:
• Stimulate, educate and entertain our audience
• Preserve, perpetuate and celebrate Hawaiian culture
• Reflect the diversity of the local and world community

Kauaʻi Soapbox is a weekly call-in talk show that explores issues of concern or projects underway as topics are stimulated by the listeners. The show is supported by social media and the events as they occur on the island(s) or in the world.


We try to keep our happiness-to-bummer ratio heavily on the happy side and be pro-active by managing controversial topics before they become a crisis. That said, the show can become a hotbed of activism. Movements have come to life and positive change has occurred on some issues.  Always awareness grows. We work hard to include the perspectives of the various sides of an issue in a safe environment.

Recent Shows



Pella Libertas, Joanna Wheeler


Pella Libertas discusses comparative social justice topics from Hawaii to the continental United States and Joanna Wheeler shares about the upcoming March Against Monsanto.

Sherry Alu Campagna, Democratic Precinct Meetings


Sherry All Campagna discusses her motivation to run for the US House of Representatives. Democratic Precinct meetings and Kauapea Beach access are also in the mix.


Janet Kass, Trish Wisty, Lana Rose Olson


In the studio are Janet Kass, who is running for KIUC board of directors, followed by

Trish Wisty and Lana Rose Olson, talking about building political strength that is needed in our communities.



Gerry Condon, Col. Ann Wright


Veterans For Peace President Gerry Condon, captain of the Golden Rule, and activist Col. Ann Wright (Retired) plan to visit Kauaʻi and discuss the increased threat of nuclear war and how to implement the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.







Ballistic Missile Threat


The topic of the recent Ballistic Missile false alarm is discussed while Noa Mau-Espirito and Kaniela Ing are among the callers joining the conversation.

Alakai O Kauai, Wailuanuiahoano Court Case, KIUC


Alakai O Kauaʻi, a new charter school set to open Fall 2018, is discussed along with the ongoing court battle over Wailuanuiahoano and the KIUC Commission on Water Resource Management.

Gray Hayton, Koohan Paik


With Gray Hayton of Village Harvest in the studio and Koohan Paik, Coordinator of the Asia-Pacific program at the International Forum on Globalization, journalist, media-literacy educator, and award-winning filmmaker on the phone the conversation ranges from gleaning on Kauaʻi to issues surrounding North Korea.

Kaʻimi Hermosura, Konohiki


Studio guest Kaʻimi Hermosura, Konohiki of the Moku of Haleleʻa on the island of Kauaʻi in the district of Waioli, Hanalei and federally designated Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Native Hawaiian traditional religious practitioner by geneology, apprentice celestial navigator, musician, composer, chanter and healer. 













Tubby Love and Amber Lily


Tubby Love and Amber Lily grace the studio with their songs and conversation during the KKCR Fund Drive.

Wisdom Weavers of the World Project


Ilarion Kuuyux Merculieff, an Unangan (Aleut) from Alaska, Helen Corbett, Executive Director of All One Sky Foundation, and Susanne Swibold of Canmore, Canada join us in the studio to discuss the upcoming Wisdom Weavers of the World Project.

Kumu Kauaiʻiki, Tulsi Gabbard


Kumu Kauaiʻiki is in the studio to talk story on a range of subjects. Representative Tulsi Gabbard calls in the first hour to announce the Congressional Gold Medal for WWII Filipino veterans.

Ed Kawamura, Wisdom Weavers Gathering


Ed Kawamura of Kawamura farms, a Vietnam Veteran, joins us in the studio to announce the upcoming Veteranʻs Day event and Kelly Kelsey previews the Wisdom Weavers Gathering.

Kauaʻi Planning Department


Kauai Planning Director, Michael Dahilig and planner Marie Williams discuss the Kauai General Plan Update, the visioning document for our choices in the next 20 years.

Chaplain Clayton Sui of Kauai Community Correctional Center


Floods, fires, exhaustion of emergency services, seeds, plans, criminalizing poverty, culture, veterans and more with Chaplain Clayton Sui from Kauai Community Correctional Center calling to talk about Camp Agape and other prison issues and opportunities.

Climate Change, General Plan Update and Nuclear Anxiety


Jake is in the house with Felicia and Marshall to talk story with listeners on topics from the future of Kauaʻi in relation to climate change to our chances of surviving a nuclear volley from North Korea.

Hanalei beach, Animal Balance


Emma Clifford is in the studio to share about the free spay and neuter clinic visiting the island, while Alan Faye, Bridget Hammerquist, Terry Lilly and others call about Black Pot beach park and the Hanalei river, and other topics.

Fire and Rain


Malik Rahim joins us from Louisiana to discuss resilience in the aftermath of disaster, Pat Hagan calls from Montana to discuss the impact of the fires there and local filmmaker, Elliot Lucas discusses "Too Much Life" - A Modern High School Drama set on Kauai. 

Lehua Island, General Plan Update, Nisei Veterans


Many listeners contribute their insight and opinions as we examine the recent fish kill on Lehua island, the first reading of the General Plan Update and other matters with Jake joining us in the studio.

Suicide Loss


Ronnie Susan Walker and Heather Shadur of Alliance of Hope for Suicide Loss Survivors discuss the aftermath of suicide and the available support. Dr. David Baskin calls from a flooded Houston.

Mel Rapozo


Kauaʻi County Council Chairman Mel Rapozo is in the studio for the entire show, fielding questions on topics relating to the General Plan Update and speaking on his recently announced run for Mayor.

Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP's)


Alan Faye and Greg Crowe are in the studio to discuss resiliency in the context of the threat of EMP's.

Dr. David Baskin, Susan Manewich


Neurosurgeon David Baskin discusses the effects of toxins, traumatic brain injury and climate change on brain health from parasites (including Rat Lung Worm), autism, Alzheimer's, etc. Also Susan Manewich on free energy, Lehua Island poisoning, veterans' events, updates on sovereign and cultural court cases.

Anne Walton and the Kauai General Plan Update


Anne Walton of Community Coalition Kauaʻi discusses the current state of the Kauaʻi General Plan Update.

The Deep State


The Deep State is discussed with audio excerpts of an interview with Mike Lofgren, author of Essay: Anatomy of the Deep State. Listener calls fill the show with topics ranging from North Korea to the Wailua River water diversion and KIUC.

Bruce Allyn and Cynthia Lazaroff


Bruce Allyn and Cynthia Lazaroff are in the studio to discuss the current risk of nuclear war globally and the factors behind it, with an emphasis on and particular insight into the U.S./Russia relationship over time.

Henry David Thoreau


With the phone lines down and the internet out, Felicia and Marshall manage to hold the conversation until Andy Sarhonis arrives to discuss Thoreau.

Kū Kanaka documentary and E Ho'olōkahi Ka Lāhui Celebration


Filmmaker Marlene Booth calls in about her Kū Kanaka: Stand Tall, the Kanalu Young documentary, screening on Kauai July 12. Also featured is the Saturday, July 8 Celebrate Hawaiian Sovereignty Restoration Day at E Ho'olōkahi Ka Lāhui community event.

Kauai Soapbox


Range of topics: Court Case Royal Patent land title Wailua (Coco Palms), DHHL rules, USDA Rural Development efforts and more.

Hokule'a Homecoming, Kauai Alzheimer's Association


Hokule'a Homecoming, Kauai Alzheimer's Association.
Master Navigator Nainoa Thompson speaking at the homecoming of the Hokule'a is heard in the first hour followed by Drs. Alarik and Cynthia Arenander of the Anti-aging Company discussing brain health. 
Kauai Alzheimer's Association's Geriatric Medicine specialist Dr. Laurel M Coleman, MD joins on the phone.

Hokua Place, PMRF, Hokulea Homecoming


The General Plan Update, Pacific Missile Range Facility and the Hokulea homecoming are discussed. Greg Allen of Hokua Place is in the studio for the second hour.

Hurricane Preparedness


Kauai Red Cross Director Padraic Gallagher talks about Hurricane season and tips for preparation.

General Plan Update, Veteran's Council


Paul Massey and Marshall Paul take calls throughout the show as the General Plan Update is discussed. Also calling in is Ed Kawamura of the Kauaʻi Veteran's Council. Felicia has the day off.

General Plan Update and Impact of Tourism


President of Hanalei to Haena Community Association Carl Imparato discusses the General Plan Update relative to appropriate levels of tourism. Councilman Mason Chock joins by phone in the second hour.

Kamu Charles Hepa, John Montemayor and Ahmen Mahal


Kamu Charles Hepa talks about the effort underway to reclaim Royal Patent lands leased by the State of Hawaii to Coco Palms Ventures. The recent arrests in the Kalalau Valley are discussed  and John Montemayor contributes while Ahmen Mahal joins in the later part of the show.

Militarization of the Pacific


Koohan Paik is in the studio to discuss the history of the U.S./North Korea relationship and how it bears on the current push to further militarize Hawaii, including the possibility of defensive missiles at PMRF. Fred Dente joins the conversation late in the second hour.

Alan Faye, Marge Dente


Alan Faye and Marge Dente discuss the proposed Princeville Lodge, Kauai's history and the background of KKCR, with ​Aurelius McNaughton joining the conversation.

​Koohan Paik


Koohan Paik, coordinator of the Asia-Pacific program at the International Forum on Globalization, joins by phone to discuss North Korea, Pōhakuloa Training Area, the Dairy in Ookala on the Big Island and more. Others callers including Adam Asquith and Terry Lilly and clips from Tulsi Gabbard's Town Hall.

Professor John Hagelin


A number of local topics are discussed before we are joined by John Hagelin, President of the Maharishi University of Management (MUM), former candidate for President of the United States for the Natural Law Party, and co-developer of  the supersymmetric flipped SU(5) model, a unified field theory.

Wainiha Kuleana Lands, Rat Lung Worm


Highlights of the meeting between Kaʻimi Hermosura and the kia`i people from Wainiha and Mayor Carvalho and Mauna Kea Trask. Maui District Health Officer Lorrin Pang, M.D. discusses rat lung worm disease.

Kauaʻi Lifeguard Association


Doctor Monty Downs and Andy Melamed discuss the Kauaʻi Lifeguard Association's ocean safety video and upcoming Mahalo Beach Bash with John Cruz calling in.

Lehua Island Rodent Eradication Plan


Patty Baiao and Mele Khalsa of Island Conservation are joined by Josh Atwood of the Division of Forestry and Wildlife and Shane of the USDA in discussing the plans to use rodenticide to eliminate rats on Lehua Island.

Hyatt v. Hawaii Dairy Farms Court Decision, Hanalei Lodge Proposal, State Pesticide Bills


Hannah Apricot Eckberg of Permaculture Magazine of North America joins the discussion as Bridget Hammerquist and Eileen Kechloian discuss the Hyatt v. Hawaii Dairy Farms court decision and Carroll Cox from the Big Island calls about their dairy at Ookala. Carl Imperator of Haena-Hanalei Community Association discusses the impacts of a new resort hotel facing Hanalei Bay.  Marghee Maupin fills us in about what is happening with the pesticide bills in the legislature.

Policies and Activism


We discuss a range of topics including rodenticides on Lehua Island, pesticides in pollen, legislative bills, Seed: The Untold Story screening and the KIUC election.

Citizen Activism


Kealoha Pisciotta summarizes the witness portion of the Contested Case Hearings of the Thirty Meter Telescope. Anne Walton and Sharon Goodwin of Kauaʻi Community Coalition discuss the General Plan Update.

Hawaii Dairy Farm, Humane Society, KIUC election


The withdrawal of EIS by Hawaii Dairy Farm is discussed with Bridget Hammerquest, the Humane Society is addressed and Jonathan Jay joins to discuss the KIUC election.

Shipping Industry


Harbor Pilot Ed Enos and Tug Boat Captain Miguel Chrisman discuss the intricacies involved in the shipping industry. Andrew F. Cabebe joins in the second hour. The film SeaBlind was a catalyst for this show.

Kauaʻi Humane Society


Jessica Frabotta joins Felicia for a tribute to her brother, Eric Cannon. Scott Pisani, Executive Director of Kauaʻi Humane Society and Basil Scott of Kauaʻi Community Cat Project discuss the audit of KHS.

Kalalea Kauhane, Dancing Fox (Standing Rock) and Kamealoha Hanohano-Smith


Kalalea Kauhane sings and plays with Dancing Fox on the phone from Standing Rock. Kamealoha Hanohano-Smith discusses the Kauai General Plan Update and Aha Moku and it's John Gordon's birthday!

Island Earth


Filmmaker Cyrus Sutton on the phone to discuss his film Island Earth. Jeri Di Pietro and Matt Bernabe in the studio on the State Legislature, General Plan Update and Matt's visit to Washington, D.C. for the Inauguration.

TMT Contested Case Hearing; Mason Chock


Eric Hansen joins Felicia to discuss the Thirty Meter Telescope Contested Case Hearing and Mark Zuckerberg quiet title issue. Mason Chock on the phone in the second hour.



Steve Yoder sitting in for 3/4 of the show. Janice Bond with a Hawai'i State Legislature report and Bailey Bernabe on her planned trip to the Inauguration.

Ray Catana, John Witeck and Father Greg Boyle


Filmmaker (Answering the Call) and founder of Hawaii Peopleʻs Fund John Witeck and Ray Catana. Father Greg Boyle, founder and director of Homeboy Industries in the second hour.