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 Building Solutions for

  • Repaired Infrastructure

  • Housed Residents

  • Environmental Resilience 

  • Social Justice

Aloha Kaua`i Ohana,

It is my honor to run for Kaua`i County Council this Summer 2018.

Many issues face our island community. This grassroots campaign has been inspired by  being a voice and advocate for the people through my role as a community affairs programmer, listening and learning to concerns coupled with direct participation in the public process to help designs solutions. My committed focus is on the well-being and health of the peoples and the islands of Kauai and Ni`ihau. Helping with the recent storm recovery in Wainiha and Ha`ena underscored where our public policy has weak points and was my compelling motivation to run again for council. We have long been in a slow crisis of the larger economy pressuring our people out of their homes and off the island. We need to out-create the problem. With no competing job interest and with my sons now grown into independent young men,  I have the capacity for the full-time commitment the county council deserves.  We need to work to solve problems without having to make anybody wrong. We all win, when we all win. Let my 30 years experience in small business, engineering, education and community development work for you, the people, in bringing the kind of change and improvements that are so greatly needed in this time. Thank you for your support. 

Mahalo ~ Felicia Cowden

Building Solutions for Kauai`i



Crumbling roads

Housed Residents



Social Equity

Felicia Cowden Ohana ~ 4191 Kilauea Rd. Kilauea, HI 96754 (808)652-4363