Keeping Kauaʻi Strong in a Changing World

Kaua`i has some important challenges to address

We are at a critical time when external pressures are eroding Kauaʻi's unique way of life. We must continue to work hard to ensure we retain our home rule, reclaim the ability to
feed ourselves, and place a priority on serving the people first.  Building policies that support a rural island, rather than a city or a continent, is central to retaining Kauaʻi's quality of life so valued by residents and visitors alike.


Landfill & Infrastructure

Municipal Debt


drugs and incarceration


Global Economy

General Plan Update

Hawaiian Nationhood

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Water use and redirection has become an increasingly contentious issue. What are the large issues?

Can we re-think small-scale water catchment and grey-water use?


Commission on Water Resource Management 


Hawaii Fresh Water Initiative


Kauai's Carrying Capacity is a strident issue. Our infrastructure needs to be updated.  How do we network roads and address water, waste, power, mountain & beach access, in a manner we can afforrd with a population of roughly 70,000 people?
Our landfill has been full for a few years and our plans for a replacement are at least eleven years out.

Healthy living begins with having a home, a living wage and fresh food.

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Small business is the heart and health of a resilient economy.


Many issues confront business viability like the need for a living wage being proposed at $15/hour, expensive and often difficult permiting and zoning regulations. 


National chain stores open, often collapsing small business and then often leave due to too small of a market.

Keeping a watchful eye on global economic and political trends to ensure stability for our island. 


Kaua`i is over-dependent on imported goods and an external economy. 


There are trade deals underway such as the Trans Pacific Partnership that threaten to undermine our current protections.

The strength of our future is rooted in respecting the wisdom of our past.


Reclaiming island food production.


Having worked with a broad range of people over the years, my commitment is to build bridges between the various interests of the island.


Encourage residential food production, edible landscaping in public places, small-scale family farms, and expanded agriculture with the primary target being to serve Kauai.


Remediate soils, develop medium scale export crops, and use surface water responsibly.


The strength of our future is rooted in respecting the wisdom of our past.


Current Projects

• bio-remediation study with Regenerations

• exploring west-side kenaf crop

• edible landscaping in public places

• exploring Tiny Houses possibilities

• supporting Kilauea Food Pantry

• Public Affairs on KKCR

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